Khyber - Several   welfare and development projects established under the supervision of 27 Brigade and Frontier Corp (FC) 103 wing were inaugurated here in different localities of Tirah Valley district Khyber the other day.

Brigadier Raza-ul-Hasnain of 27 Brigade and Lieutenant Col Taimur Khurshid of 103 Wing along with tribal elders opened various development schemes, demolished during militancy in Tirah valley in the last two decades. 

The development projects include markets in Sra Wela, Sokh and Tor Dara, Mehraban to Gardi Mela road, Tharkho Kas to Sokh road and Nekai link road. 

The forces officials handed over 30 shops to residents through a draw.

Addressing the occasion, Brigadier Raza-ul-Hasnain said that pavement of seven roads would benefit residents of Koki Khel, Kamar Khel, Malikdin Khel, and Sepah and forces would never hesitate to work for the wellbeing of the people. Restoration of markets will not only enhance economic activities but will provide job opportunities to the dwellers of the area, he remarked.

He added that no compromise would be made in keeping peace in Kamar Khel as it was the joint duty of forces and locals to maintain peace that had been restored at the price of matchless sacrifices. Rehabilitation of displaced tribesmen of Tirah was in progress and all initiatives would be adopted to ease the tribesmen, he said.

The resident offered their support to the forces in fighting against terrorism and vowed that no one would be permitted to sabotage the peaceful environment of the Tirah valley.