AC Latifabad seals lentil mill and rice godown for hoarding

HYDERABAD -: In compliance with the in­structions of Deputy Com­missioner Hyderabad, Tariq Qureshi, strict ac­tions have been initiated against individuals in­volved in hoarding essen­tial food items. Assistant Commissioner Latifabad, Faraz Ahmed Siddiqui, con­ducted a thorough inspec­tion in various locations across Latifabad, including flour mills, rice godowns, and lentil (dal) mills. Dur­ing the operation, officials sealed the Sadaf Dal mill and Faisal Javed’s rice go­down for hoarding of com­modities. The DSP site and the Inspectorate Bureau of Supplies were also present during the action. Assistant Commissioner Latifabad, Faraz Ahmed Siddiqui, is­sued a stern warning to all traders and urged them to refrain from engaging in hoarding practices, as any violation would result in strict legal action.

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