CTD conducts search, combing operations in Golra, Sangjani

ISLAMABAD-The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Islamabad Capital Police conducted a search and combing operation within the jurisdictions of Golra and Sangjani police stations, as announced by a public relations officer on Saturday. He stated that, in line with the special directives of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, these operations are being carried out in various areas of the city to ensure the safety and security of Islamabad’s citizens.
Following these directives, CTD and local police teams conducted a search and combing operation in different areas covered by Sangjani and Golra police stations. During the operation, 05 motorcycles and 16 suspicious individuals were taken to the police station for verification purposes. Additionally, 95 individuals with suspicious backgrounds, 35 motorcycles, 13 vehicles, 50 houses, and 40 flats underwent thorough inspections.
ICCPO Dr Akbar Nasir Khan emphasized that the purpose of these search and combing operations is to enhance security in the Federal Capital. All zonal officers have been instructed to continue these operations in their respective areas. Citizens are also urged to cooperate with the police during these checks.
Meanwhile, Islamabad Capital Police apprehended 16 outlaws in the last 24 hours from various parts of the city. Stolen bikes, liquor, drugs, and weapons with ammunition were recovered from their possession.
The ICCPO Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, issued special directions to Islamabad Capital Police to intensify their crackdown against criminal elements to eliminate crime from the city. In accordance with these directives, the Secretariat police team arrested an individual named Hamad and recovered a 30-bore pistol from his possession. The Karachi Company police team arrested an individual named Haider Ali and seized six bottles of liquor from his possession. Similarly, the Tarnol police team apprehended two individuals named Shiren Khan and Liaquat and confiscated two 30-bore pistols. 
The Industrial Area police team arrested individuals named Zaryab, Faizan, Ahmed Khan, Arif, Amir Hayat, and Mukhtar. They also recovered a stolen motorbike and a pistol. Likewise, the Shams Colony police team arrested three individuals named Ibrahim, Hazrat Nabi, and Abdullah and found 680 grams of hashish and a 30-bore pistol in their possession. The Lohi Bher police team arrested two individuals named Samuel Sagher and Sama Akram and recovered 110 grams of ice and 10 litres of alcohol. Lastly, the Phulgran police team arrested an individual named Waseem and confiscated 1120 grams of hashish from his possession.
Cases have been registered against the arrested individuals, and further investigations are underway. Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan has directed all senior officials to conduct an effective crackdown against individuals involved in criminal activities and to prioritize the safety of citizens’ lives and property.

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