ISLAMABAD-The tourism industry in Pakistan attracts 965,500 tourists annually, generating an income of $351.6 million annually. Now, this significant earning is getting affected mainly due to the spread of Covid-19 corona virus, however, it can be secured if state-of-the-art solutions are applied at the country’s all entry points including airports.

The World Economic Forum in its biennial Global Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019 ranks Pakistan at 121st position among 140 economies globally with travel and tourism industry contributing 2.8 percent to GDP. The COVID-19 has made the global travel and tourism industry vulnerable to a great catastrophe and Pakistan is no exception. However, Pakistan can maintain its attractiveness to cater international and national travellers by applying state-of-the-art solutions like artificial intelligence and other touchless technologies. The non-contact body temperature fast screening solutions are now available in Pakistan introduced by Wusool, a company focused on digital solutions and payments. “Our technology can best address the recent COVID-19 pandemic as identifies and separates the infected persons from others,” said Mohsin Iqbal, Co-founder, Wusool.

He explained that the Infrared Body Temperature Fast Screening solution is mainly developed based on the principle of infrared thermal radiation.

It uses a non-refrigerated core and low signal-noise image processing technology”. He said, the border controlling authorities, sea ports and airports can benefit from this solution by non-contact monitoring and screening technology. It is to be mentioned here that these solutions have proven helpful during the past outbreaks of diseases such as SARS, the bird flu, the swine flu and E-bola.