ISLAMABAD                   -                Prime Minister Imran Khan has ex­pressed deep grief and sorrow over the deaths of Pakistanis living and working abroad due to the coronavi­rus.

In his tweets on Friday, the Prime Minister said many died while serv­ing in the frontline of the global war against COVID-19.

Commiserating with the bereaved families, the Prime Minister also prayed for early recovery of those still battling the virus.

The Prime Minister said, “we can never forget overseas Pakistanis who continue to do us proud and are our greatest asset.”

He said that the overseas Pakistanis are playing a critical role in the coun­try’s development through remittanc­es and charity work.

At least 80 Pakistanis were earlier reported to have died of Covid-19 in New York City.

Sources in the Pakistan consulate in New York confirmed the figures of more than 80 deaths, but said the fi­nal figure would be announced by lo­cal administration once the situation was over.

Speaking to media, Pakistan’s Am­bassador to the US Asad Majeed Khan said it is difficult for them to give the total number of the death toll of Pa­kistanis living in various states of the country.