ISLAMABAD                   -               Pakistan is among priorities for the United States as it battles the coronavirus, US Ambassador to Pakistan Paul Jones said yesterday.

In a video message released here, the Ambas­sador discussed several new ways that the US was partnering with Pakistan to combat corona­virus.

“With more than $8 million in new contribu­tions, the United States is collaborating with the government of Pakistan to help stop the spread of coronavirus nationwide and to care for afflict­ed people,” he said.

The envoy added; “All of these contributions were identified as top priority needs by the Pa­kistani authorities, and they are fully paid for by the American people.”

This funding, he said, will be utilized for a num­ber of activities, including providing three new mobile labs so Pakistanis living in virus hotspots can be tested, treated, and monitored to stop the spread, through $3 million in contributions.

It will provide fund high-tech emergency oper­ations centers in Islamabad, Sindh, Punjab, Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan with $1 mil­lion.

The Ambassador said the aid will expand “our partnership with $ 2 million to train communi­ty healthcare workers to assist people in their homes to lessen the burden on hospitals.”

Ambassador Jones said the money will be used to conduct life-saving activities in Afghan refugee and host communities in Pakistan with $ 2.4 million, administered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

He said: “What I’ve described today is the lat­est chapter in a long, vibrant U.S.-Pakistan health partnership. It builds on US contributions over the past 20 years of more than $ 1.1 billion in the health sector, and more than $ 18.4 billion overall to the US-Pakistan development partnership. To­gether, we can stop the spread of this deadly dis­ease to protect our loved ones and regain our prosperity and freedom.”