peshawar   -   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan on Sunday extended felicitation to Christian community of the country in general and KP in particular on Easter festivity.

In a felicitation message, the Chief Minister said that the festival of Easter gives the message of peace, affection, brotherhood and harmony.

He said that all minorities in Pakistan are enjoying equal rights and our religion Islam teaches of granting equal rights to them. Similarly, he said that the Constitution of Pakistan fully guarantees minorities to perform their worships and rituals and celebrate their festivals.

The Chief Minister said that minorities including Christian community have played a vital role in our national development. He said that exemplary interfaith harmony is prevailing in the province. The provincial government, he said, fully shares their moment of festivities.

Mahmood Khan said that the government is taking solid steps for the welfare, rights and provision of protection to the rights of all minorities in the province. He termed interfaith harmony inevitable for maintenance of durable peace.