Justice denied

William E. Gladstone famously said, “Justice delayed is jus­tice denied.” Unfortunately, this sentiment resonates as a common occurrence in our country.

On March 7, 2024, a horrific in­cident unfolded in Hyderabad, where two law students, both sib­lings, were shot dead: Sister Agha Yusra Pathan died on the spot, while her brother, Agha Aakash Pathan, was injured and hospital­ised for many days. Sadly, he could not survive his grievous injuries and lost his life.

After killing both siblings, the assailant committed suicide by shooting himself. However, the ac­complices of the murderer are still at large, evading any punishment. The police have not conducted a proper investigation nor made any progress in the case. The in­dividuals who facilitated the killer are being sheltered. The owner of the car used by the killer has not been arrested. Additionally, there is no report regarding the pistol found with him.

The investigation team does not seem interested in this matter and has not taken any serious steps to probe the case and uncover the facts. Even the authorities respon­sible for maintaining law and order have not issued any statements.

If serious and strict actions are not taken in this case, similar trag­ic incidents will occur in the fu­ture. The two innocent siblings deserve timely justice, and their family’s voices should be heard. Their family demands that the concerned authorities conduct a thorough investigation into the case to apprehend those responsi­ble for this heinous crime.



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