Venezuela shuts Ecuador diplomatic missions over raid

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2024-04-18T04:53:35+05:00 Agencies

CARACAS   -  Venezuela’s President Nicolas Mad­uro said Wednesday he had ordered the closure of his country’s diplomat­ic missions in Ecuador after a raid on the Mexican embassy in Quito.

Maduro said he had ordered “diplo­matic personnel to return to Venezuela immediately... until international law is restored in Ecuador.” He was speak­ing during a virtual summit of CELAC, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, in which presidents from across the region are mulling possible sanctions against Ecuador. “We strongly condemn” the raid, said Honduran President Xiomara Castro, who currently chairs the bloc, describ­ing the incident as “barbaric.”

Quito’s security forces stormed the Mexican embassy on April 5 to ar­rest former Ecuadoran vice president Jorge Glas, who is wanted on corrup­tion charges and had been granted asylum by Mexico. Maduro demand­ed that Glas be freed from the maxi­mum security prison where he is now being held and handed over to Mexico. Brazilian President Luiz Ina­cio Lula da Silva proposed creating a commission to review Glas’s health. The rare incursion on diplomatic ter­ritory sparked an international out­cry, and led Mexico to break ties with Ecuador, pulling its diplomats out of the country.

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