Pakistan home to world’s third-largest ‘slave’ population

Recently, a report claimed that Pakistan’s home is the third largest number of slaves globally with 3.19 million after India and China which are first and second position respectively. Let me clear that at least 40 million people worldwide are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery and people can be trafficked for various forms of exploitation such as prostitution, forced labour, begging, criminality, domestic servitude, forced marriage and organ removal, men made to work in factories, farms and fishing boats and women forced to sell sex to people exploited for their organs and children sent to beg or forced to marry. It is sad to note down that Pakistan engage with such a worse activity which is a curse upon humanity and we believe that the responsible authorities will take a great notice for solving the issue of human trafficking.


Turbat, July 31.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt