LOS ANGELES - Selena Gomez has voiced her support for the Latinx community in the US. The 27-year-old singer - whose father is of Mexican descent - has joined the likes of America Ferrera, Ricky Martin, Diego Luna and Jennifer Lopez in signing an open letter to the community, following recent mass shootings and the ongoing border crisis in America. The letter - which was published in The New York Times newspaper - reads: ‘’If you are feeling terrified, heartbroken and defeated by the barrage of attacks on our community, you are not alone. ‘’We have been smeared by political rhetoric and murdered in violent hate crimes. We have been separated from our families and have watched our children caged. We have been targeted with mass shootings and mass ICE raids meant to terrify us, squash our hope, and break our spirits. ‘’But, we will not be broken. We will not be silenced. We will continue to denounce any hateful and inhumane treatment of our community. We will demand dignity and justice. ‘’Though real pain and fear are sweeping through our communities, we remain powerful. Our humanity must be respected.’’ America, 35 - who is, perhaps, best known for her starring role in ‘Ugly Betty’ - has also stressed the need to speak out in the face of prejudice. She said on MSNBC: ‘’It is so easy to be overwhelmed with the bad news, to be so heartbroken, so devastated, and even numbed to what is happening to human beings in our country at this moment.