In wake of the story on foreign fading cases and subsequent public pressure on ECP to decide around the eight-year-old case, Imran Khan has intensified counter pressure by holding public meetings and threatening protests. Reportedly he has given a call to his party rank and filed to stage a protest in front of the ECP office. This is bullying and blackmailing.

One wonders why Imran Khan has been given such a freedom to promote anarchy by using his gullible workers to pressurise a favourable result for him. He accuses ECP for rigging those election where PTI secured 15 seats out of total 20 seats. Imran Khan named his party justice party and has been building his narrative on transparency and justice but he only wants justice which favours him and opens prospects for his ascendency to power once again.

For him those sitting in his rival parties are thieves but all his party bigwigs and allies, most of them were part of the “thief’s parities” are washed with milk and honest to the core. If he is clean why he is jittery about the ruling from ECP on his foreign funding cases? If he still considers ECP partial he will have courts to appeal. But nay PTI chief wrongly believes that threats of Dharans, Marches and issuing aggressive statements first brought him into power and later on helped him in securing good results through by-elections.