ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has reiterated that Pakistan attributes high importance to the relations with its neighbor, Iran and is desirous of further boosting these relations in all fields of mutual interests.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs hosted a luncheon for the Iranian delegation headed by Rostam Ghasemi, Minister for Roads and Urban Development, to discuss matters of mutual interests in Islamabad.

During the meeting, the Minister for Economic Affairs stated that Pakistan and Iran are not only neighbors but brothers and further stressed that Pakistan has always given priority to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Government of Pakistan is looking forward to enhance this relationship that would be mutually beneficial for both sides.

Iranian Minister also expressed gratitude and honor for hosting his delegation to discuss areas of collaboration and enhancing cooperation. He stressed that both nations should work to boost development through cooperation in sectors including energy, agriculture, industry and trade exchange. He further stated that; “Iran does not have any limitation of cooperation in any field.”

The Iranian Minister further highlighted the challenges that his country has been facing due to international embargoes & sanctions and its impact on Iranian economy. Moreover, he mentioned that this has also become a great hurdle in further enhancement of Pak-Iran relations. Minister for Economic Affairs acknowledged the development sectors mentioned by his counterpart and highlighted that religious tourism should also be considered an important area that has remained unexploited. He further suggested that Iran should not be waiting for lifting of sanctions rather it should strive to find alternative ways to enhance its relations with other nations. On his concluding remarks, the Minister for Economic Affairs mentioned that instead of looking into overall development, both countries should adopt a thorough policy and identify few but most important areas of cooperation that can provide maximum benefits to both sides, which was appreciated by his counterpart. Iranian Minister on his concluding remarks expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Economic Affairs for arranging this luncheon and assured full assistance from Iranian side for the enhancement of bilateral relations. Moreover, he invited the Minister for Economic Affairs to visit Iran to discuss further development projects.