ISLAMABAD  - Rice Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council on Wednesday approved and recommended 10 new hybrids seeds verities for commercial cultivation in order to enhance per-acre crop output of the crop in the country.

Out of the total new approved hybrids seed verities, one variety is long grain that is famous world over for its aroma and taste. The VEC met with Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali in chair. Dr Muhammad Yousuf, National Coordinator presented the working paper for the sixty-two rice hybrids varieties for consideration and approval. The representatives of national and multinational seed companies including Seed Association of Pakistan, Crop Life Pakistan, Pakistan Hi-tech Hybrid Seed Association and federal and provincial research institutes attended the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman PARC highlighted the role of private and public sector in research and development of rice in the country and emphasized the importance of quality seed for enhancing the productivity and profitability of farmers. He asked the seed companies for making efforts to provide high quality of rice to farmers in the country in order to enhance local output of crop to tackle with domestic needs as well as enhancing exports to fetch foreign exchange reserves. Dr Ali also appreciated the role PARC scientists and private-public sector collaboration for taking interest in research and development of rice in the country, adding that the matching efforts would help in ensuring quality high yielding seed verities of wheat, cotton, maize and sugarcane to enhance their productivity.

Dr. Imtiaz Hussain, Chairman Committee and Member Plant Sciences Division PARC presided over the variety evaluation committee meeting and informed participants that PARC is committed to perform its role in variety evaluation in transparent manner in collaboration with National Agricultural Research System.

The Committee recommended nine rice hybrids and one long grain variety for commercial cultivation in the country. Representatives of seed companies appreciated the role of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council for its role in testing of rice hybrids varieties in Pakistan for the benefits of farmers as well as rice sector.