The Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Sashaying between Arabian elements and modernity, it is a true East-meets-West country. Nestled between Asia and Europe, Azerbaijan boasts massive volcanoes, sub-tropical forests, and space-age cityscapes.

Although the country is beneath the same Caucasus Mountains as Armenia and Georgia, Azerbaijan is still different from neighboring countries. The former Soviet Republic is the perfect country to visit if you want to experience both rural and urban life simultaneously. Let’s look at some things you should know before traveling to Azerbaijan.

Visa for Pakistani citizens to enter Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations for Pakistani citizens. People are starting to discover this incredible country, with its welcoming culture and people, breathtaking valleys, mountain ranges, and flavorful traditional cuisine.

However, you need to consider a few traveling requirements before planning your trip to Azerbaijan. Since it’s an underrated travel destination, most people are unaware of Azerbaijan’s travel requirements and how they can get a visa.

Azerbaijan is open for visits to more than eighty countries in the world including Pakistan. Which means you automatically become eligible to fill out the application of Azerbaijan visa for Pakistani citizens online. To apply for an eVisa, you need to complete the online form, provide the necessary documents, make a payment and wait for the approval.

If you’re planning to travel soon, following Azerbaijan’s general advisory and monitoring your health for two weeks before the flight can help. On that note, you no longer require a PCR certificate to travel to Azerbaijan.

Culture and People

The current sovereign state, though Islamic, is diverse in culture. The easy availability of alcohol is one of the most significant proofs of Azerbaijan’s secularity. Very few people know about the country’s people and culture. Generally, Azerbaijan is a tourist-friendly travel destination.

The friendly locals welcome visitors with incredible hospitality. Although deeply rooted in tradition, Azerbaijan also features modern culture influenced by various countries, communities, and religions.

Azerbaijan Cuisine

Azerbaijan dishes are famous for food tourism, bridging the gap between culture and culinary expertise. The cuisine is one of the top things that pull tourists worldwide. Not forgetting, the delicious foods become all the more enjoyable when you’re eating amidst Azerbaijan’s scenic nature and relaxing atmosphere.

Countries and regions like Turkey, Iran, and the Mediterranean influence the country's cuisine. Azerbaijani cuisine feature healthy and diverse dishes combining meats and vegetables with hot and savory spices.

You will find several vegetarian restaurants in Baku as well, the capital of Azerbaijan. Additionally, you will also find flavorful vegetarian-friendly side dishes and appetizers at local cafes throughout the country. If you particularly enjoy meat, you can enjoy traditional kebabs, aromatic lamb dishes, and rice dishes such as pulav across the country.