CM vows to restore affected buildings to their original condition


Says two main accused have been arrested.

LAHORE   -  A day after an angry mob set ablaze 16 Churches and ran­sacked over 300 houses in a Christian neighborhood in Fais­alabad district following an alleged desecration of Holy Quran, the Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi Thursday took to twitter to announce that a major breakthrough has been achieved in the Jaranwala incident with the arrest of two main accused. “Ma­jor breakthrough in the Jaranwala Incident – both main accused now in CTD Custody”, he said in his tweet while commending the role of Punjab Chief Secretary and the IGP for their relentless efforts. “Prime Minister’s unwavering concern guided us, driving the swift arrest process. Grateful for the trust he placed in our team, fueling record-time arrests”, the chief minister further stated in his tweet. Also, the chief minister pledged to restore all the Churches and buildings ransacked by the miscreants the other day. Addressing a joint gathering of leaders from diverse faiths residing in Pakistan, including Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, and Bahai communities, the chief minister expressed his commitment to swiftly repair the damage caused by the incident. He assured that efforts were underway to restore the affected buildings to their original condition within the next few days. Expressing his profound concern over the distressing incident, Mohsin Naqvi termed it a meticulously planned conspiracy. “The nation at large shares the sorrow provoked by this incident which preliminary inves­tigations suggest being a meticulously planned conspiracy. This occurrence is far from ordinary; it has united the entire nation in solidarity with the Christian community”, he observed. In his address, the chief minister highlighted the teachings of Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH), which advocate respectful treatment of minori­ties. He lamented that such incidents contradict the clear guidelines provided by Islam to avoid such adversities. He expressed sorrow over the cal­culated attempt to incite chaos and disrupt the at­mosphere of unity within the nation. Mohsin Naqvi called for a collaborative effort with scholars, lead­ers from the Christian community, and other mi­nority groups to devise a comprehensive strategy aimed at preventing future incidents of this nature. He commended the swift response of the Chief Sec­retary and the Inspector General of Police, who arrived at the scene shortly after being informed about the incident. Their prompt decisions and ef­fective management were credited with prevent­ing loss of life. He urged scholars to impart the teachings of Islam and the Holy Prophet(PBUH), emphasizing values of brotherhood, patience, tol­erance, and unity.

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