LWMC creates bins from empty oil containers

LAHORE   -   Lahore Waste Man­agement Company (LWMC) is actively pursuing a series of environment friendly initiatives as part of its ongoing commitment to a cleaner city. On the directions of CEO Babar Sahib Din, various public locations have been equipped with distinc­tive waste bins, showcasing LWMC’s dedication to implement an integrated solid waste management system in the provincial capital. In a notable move towards sustainability, the department has made waste bins at their own workshops from empty en­gine oil drums. This innovative approach, driven by Mr. Babar Sahib Din, underscores LWMC’s commit­ment to recycling and repurposing. These waste bins, adorned with intricate truck art, are being strategically placed outside government offices, police stations, passport offices, and commercial markets, among more than 100 public locations.

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