Pakistan Army rescues foreign mountain climbers

The Pakistan Army successfully conducted a daring rescue operation to save foreign mountain climbers struck on the icy peaks of Concordia and Shigar.

According to the details, the Pakistan Army launched a rescue operation and managed to safely recover the foreign mountain climbers on August 17, 2023.

The team consisted of one local guide, a Polish climber, and four British mountaineers who were stuck at the Concordia and Shigar mountains.

All mountaineers were in critical condition and had been riskily evacuated by the military.

Four British climbers were rescued from the snowy peaks of Concordia, while one Polish climber and the local guide were saved from the heights of approximately 17,000 feet in Shigar.

The British mountaineers included George Hurst, David Coop, Stephen Ryan, and Darrin Corbin. The Polish climber, Adam, was accompanied by local guide Muhammad Iqbal.

Upon receiving the information, the Pakistan Army swiftly deployed the helicopters for the rescue operation. The mountaineers were rescued in critical condition, struggling to breathe due to the high altitude.

The rescue operation marked a significant achievement by the Pakistani military as its young soldiers reached the mountain climbers promptly, providing crucial medical assistance and evacuating them to safety.

The successful mission stands as a testament to the dedication and efforts of the Pakistani Army in aiding foreign mountaineers.

The foreign mountaineers expressed gratitude for the Pakistani Army’s efforts, acknowledging their determination and commitment to preserving human life in challenging conditions.

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