Water wars ahead

Predictions and estimates sug­gest that water could become a major cause of future conflicts. The speed at which water is disappear­ing is alarming, and this is due to cli­mate change, global warming, pop­ulation growth, water pollution, floods, and poor management of water resources. Many countries, in­cluding Niger, India, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, and unfortunately, Pakistan, are currently dealing with water scarcity. The World Health Organ­isation reports that 884 million peo­ple worldwide have trouble access­ing basic water services, and other statistics show that 73% of Asians are already facing water scarcity.

Water scarcity brings vari­ous problems like diseases, pov­erty, disruptions to nature, and droughts. The agricultural sector is most affected by the lack of water, and this can also lead to problems for the global economy. Important­ly, it can even trigger conflicts that spread globally and could turn into wars. To prevent water scarcity crises, we can use plans for man­aging water, collect and store rain­water, raise awareness about the issue, and use modern technology. Pakistan needs to play a positive role to overcome this crisis, or else we’ll face significant damage.



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