Pak ambassador gives $5,000 to France charity

Paris-Pakistani Ambassador to France Moin ul Haque, on behalf of Husein Ebrahim Jamal Foundation of Karachi, donated $5000 to Institute for Research for Spinal Chord and Brain surgeries (IRME) during a function organised for fund raising by IRME in Paris.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, honorary President of IRME and guest of honour of the ceremony was the motivation force behind making the ceremony a success. Philippe was a renowned French businessman but became paralysed in a paragliding accident. A film, named Intouchables made on ups and downs of his life, was a worldwide success and attained second place in the French box office. It was also the most seen French film out of the country.

Hoda El Haddad, the President of IRME and the vice President of the Support Committee and the organiser, thanked the ambassador for the donation of $5,000 and expressed desire to collaborate with similar research institutions in Pakistan.  The donation collected during the ceremony will be used further the research by IRME on diseases relating to paralysis.

Husein Ebrahim Jamal Foundation that donated the generous $5000 also played a key role in establishment of HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry. It provided the largest donation of that time to HEJ Research Institute in 1976. The institute was accordingly names as “Husein Ebrahim Jamal Research Institute of Chemistry” in the memory of Husein Ebrahim Jamal. The International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) of Pakistan of HEJ recently became the Category-II partner of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Latif Ebrahim Jamal, Chairman Ebrahim Jamal Foundation, also established the Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Science Information Center in 2005 which was constructed under the direct supervision of Aziz Jamal S I (Current Chairman Husein Ebrahim Jamal Foundation). Most recently the Husein Ebrahim Jamal Foundation, under the leadership of Aziz Latif Jamal, is contracting state-of-the-art LEJ Nano-chemistry Center building.


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