The Senate has been informed that 91pc of the revenue to be generated from the Gwadar port as part of CPEC will go to China, while the Gwadar Port Authority will get the remaining 9pc share in the income for the next 40 years. This arrangement seems to be highly tilted towards China keeping in view the similar investments made by other countries in Pakistan. in Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), a venture of Russia, the income share between Russia and Pakistan was at ration of 51:49. 

The business community has already expressed its concern over the terms of engagements with the Chinese investors who are often very rigid. The government needs to raise the issue at appropriate level and convince the Chinese authorities to show some flexibility towards Pakistan’s interests in the CPEC projects. Moreover, the long term benefits of CPEC project should be shared with the people. The details which people know form CPEC related activities are that investment and jobs will come to Pakistan but long term objectives for the country are unknown. An assessment of long-term benefits of CPEC to Pakistan is needed. 


Peshawar, November 28.