Will assemblies dissolution pathway of snap polls?

ISLAMABAD          -       Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf [PTI] Chairman Imran Khan has finally announced to dissolve Punjab and KP assemblies on December 23 believing that 66 percent of the country’s area will turn into election mode thus general polls would be the last resort. The ruling clique of federal government, in its knee-jerk reaction, has blamed Imran Khan for still finding ‘face-saving’ by giving the gap of around one-week time for the dissolution of both the assemblies. This gap will undoubtedly be full of backdoor political negotiations in the country. Each day, the key players of Shehbaz Sharif-led government would leave no stone unturned to find some middle way to avoid political chaos in the country. At this stage, some PML-Q [coalition government of PTI in Punjab] members are still hinting not to dissolve assembly over the wish of Imran Khan. Political gurus say that it would be a test of nerves from both sides, as it would not be any easy move for Imran Khan to compel the coalition government for conducting the early elections only by his political moves. Talking to this newspaper, PML- N senior leader Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said they would not accept conditional dialogue. “Will do any which is in the favour of the country according to the Constitution,” he remarked. Another senior member, desiring not to be named, said that the government would consult all legal experts to delay it as possible as it could do. “There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip,” he commented. There is also a perception that a large members of PTI are not ready to resign from the assemblies as per the wish of Imran Khan. As many as 30 PTI dissidents in national assembly are still occupying national assembly seats. In an apparent move to delay the dissolution of Punjab Assembly, the PML-N has decided to table a no-trust motion against Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi and Assembly Speaker Muhammad Sibtain Khan in the next week. The rest of process will halt in the Punjab assembly, if any political party moves a no-trust motion against Chief Minister/Leader of the House. Since President Arif Alvi has summoned the national assembly session to meet tomorrow [Monday], PTI members may appear before Speaker National Assembly Raja Perviaz Ashraf for the verification of their resignations. PTI Chairman Imran Khan with his 125 members has recently announced to appear before the national assembly speaker for the verification of their resignations. This move will ostensibly deprive Imran Khan to become part of the consultation with the Prime Minister for caretaker setup under article-224 of the Constitution. The Article-224 of the Constitution states that the President will appoint the caretaker prime minister in consultation with the prime minister and the leader of the opposition in the outgoing assembly. In case, PM and opposition leader do not agree on the appointment within three days of the dissolution of the Assembly, they shall forward two nominees each to a parliamentary committee to be immediately constituted by the NA speaker, says Article 224-A of the Constitution.

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