In 1935 Maharaja Hari Singh, leased Jammu, Gilgit and Baltistanto British for 75,000 rupees. After WWII there was a critical situation all over in sub-continent, the movement of freedom was at its peak and it was British deterioration, taking advantage of the situation populace of Gilgit-Baltistan started revolting against the rule of Maharaja and finally succeeded to get freedom on Nov 1, 1947.

The region had run its own government for 16 days but on 16 November the newly born state of Gilgit-Baltistan decided to merge with Pakistan and is still with the country.

Unfortunately, it is not a constitutional part and fortunately it is going to be the part constitutionally, but there is resistance shown by the Kashmiri leaders and are strictly against the act. They are trying to show their concern with GB which is like fly in the ointment. They have no right to poke in the policies and decisions regarding GB. So, instead of wasting their time and energy in the matter they should work and focus for the betterment of the people in Kashmir.


Gilgit-Baltistan, January 15.