Government of Punjab has widely publicised in January 2016 the “Temporary Residences Information Ordinance 2015” through a press notification titled “Pur Amn Pakistan”.

It is an essential ordinance for security but almost impossible to implement by house owners, property dealers, hotel managers, hostel in-charge, etc., and for police to record and verify each and every reported movement of citizens. Reporting and reporting hour limits are prescribed but not the prompt reporting procedures. It is also impractical for house owners living in some other location or abroad to ensure reporting of licenced weapon of the tenant to police or stop possession of any explosive or arm when the tenant registered with police is responsible for his or her act.

However, some complex provisions of the ordinance provide an easy route to jail for peaceful citizens. Rule makers generally forget to visualise that some day they will also be at the receiving end !

I humbly appeal to the worthy CM Punjab to kindly review this ordinance and also permit debate in media and PA to make this ordinance workable.


Rawalpindi, January 13.