KARACHI - Ambassador of Argentina Rodolfo J. Martin Saravia has said that although the trade volume was not that big between Argentina and Pakistan, but lot of potential existed for enhancing it, and for that collective efforts were required.

During his visit to the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) on Wednesday, the ambassador said that the business communities of both the countries must join hands and work together for improving trade ties by regularly participating in exhibitions, organising trade delegations’ visits and holding other such activities in both the countries.

Saravia said that it was his farewell visit to KCCI, as he would be leaving this country after serving for 12 years in Pakistan. He added he had spent some of most memorable moments of his life in Paskistan.

He said that a great change had been witnessed since the new Argentinean government took over in December 2015.

“Argentina has opened its doors to the world, including Pakistan,” he said, adding, The Pakistani businessmen must now explore trade opportunities in numerous sectors, while the Argentinean businessmen must also look for the possibilities of selling their products to Pakistan.”

Identifying some of the potential sectors, the envoy particularly mentioned agriculture and livestock, which could be explored.

He said Pakistan would be able to benefit from the Argentinian know-how and expertise in these sectors, and added, “The technology being used in the Argentinian agriculture and livestock sectors can also be transferred to Pakistan.”