The district administration has taken stern action against the bonded labour particularly child labour at the brick kilns but it has failed to prevent child labour at the local tea stall and restaurants.

According to survey conducted by this scribe, owners of most of the tea stalls, restaurants and other eateries have hired the services of minor children and they are paying paltry wages to them.

The administration should take action against child labour at the restaurants and tea stalls and get them enrolled in the schools for their proper education and grooming.

DASTARKHWAN: A marriage hall owner has set an example to launch Dasterkhawn at Chak Chatha for the poor of the area.

He has arranged Daterkhawan near the hall for the poor. He said that the Dasterkhawan will continue throughout the year to provide food for the poor and industrial workers of the area.

PROMOTION DEMANDED: The Irrigation Department Labour Union has called upon the provincial government to upgrade Class-IV employees to Grade-VI and regularise the services of contractual employees.

In this connection, a protest rally was taken out by the workers who were led by Khushi Muhammad, the president of the Irrigation Department Labour Union. He said that government has upgraded the services of clerks but class IV employees of the department as well as work charge employees have neither been granted Grade VI nor the services of the contractual employees have been regularised.

He demanded fixation of recruitment quota for the children of the employees. He also demanded crackdown on the profiteers so that to ensure availability of essential items to the poor at reasonable rates.