QILA SAIFULLAH: The bereaved family and friends of deceased Muslim Bagh’s student, Saqiba on Thursday staged a hunger strike for not forming judicial commission and registering suicide case.

The protesters alleged that police and administration are not taking notice of the issue as no file has been moved despite passage of six days.

Late position-holder Saqiba Hakeem had committed suicide on last day of exams form submission as she was denied enrollment for asking to appoint a female invigilator for girls.

On the other hand, civil hospital in Quetta has issued Saqiba’s medical report, declaring black stone behind her death. The stone, consisting poisonous material, is mostly used in village to darken the hair.

Report says college student’s liver and heart stopped functioning due to toxic black stone within four to six hours, claiming her life while the local government is firmly standing on filing FIR after committee’s report.

Earlier, Balochistan Education Minister Abdul Raheem Ziaratwal, while talking to media said that the deceased girl was a brilliant student and the principal of the college should have let the issue go and not take such a hard stance on paltry matter.

Principal, Abida Ghous was supposed to allow admission to the student without making it an ego issue, he added.

Principal Ghous reportedly had given authority to run all college affairs to her brother-in-law, the clerk. To add to the irony of the issue, late Saqiba left a note addressed to Ghous which roughly states that she would question her on the Day of Judgment for the injustice she had to face.