The Masjid Shah Jahani in Kamalia was built in the same Mughal architecture style as the Badshahi Masjid was built about 400 years ago in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab.

During that time, the mosque had been so famous that the people would flock to offer “Jumma” prayers from many miles away and even stay here for the night.

Even today, after a period of 400 years, the domes of the mosque still have their original shine and colourful artwork. It has the honour of hosting saints of Islam over the period when they travelled all over the Subcontinent. Those who stayed at the mosque include Peer Mehr Ali Shah, Ameer-e-Millat Peer Jamaat Ali Shah, Pir Abdullah Shah Qadri, Peer Khari Sharif Mian Muhammad Baksh, Peer Mian Mohammad Yar and many other saints who had dedicated their lives for spreading Islam.

Therefore, it holds a high position in the region. At this moment, thousands of students study Islamic teachings here and are a source of spreading message of Islam all over the world. Another saint spread the teachings of Islam in the mosque and then buried along mosque.

Besides, there are many other historic places in the area too. “Talamba” is situated at 27 miles, “Harrapa” at 17 miles and “Single Tibba” at 12 miles away from the mosque. All these areas belong to time of 200 BC.

The area has been populated since 200 BC. It has been called by many names but it is called Kamalia. Although places of population have been changing in and around the city; old architecture can be found in many places. However, the mosque in the centre of the city is a masterpiece of historic heritage because of its classical and unique architecture.