ISLAMABAD - The highly ugly scenes were witnessed during the hockey final of the All-Pakistan Inter-Boards Sports competitions 2016, held here at the Pakistan Sports Complex on Wednesday.

The semifinals match was in progress between Islamabad and Abbottabad Boards, when Abboattbad goal was disallowed by the on-field umpire. The scuffle started between Islamabad and Abbottabad players and both sides of players first started abusing, which resulted in full-fledged fight, in which players used hockey sticks, punches and all was done right in front of chairmen, secretaries and PSB officials. The so-called PSB security looked just meager spectators. Such was the intensity of the fight that a number of players got injured and arm of an Abbottabad player was also broken, who was rushed to the hospital.

Earlier, PSB Deputy Director General Shahid Islam promised to provide over the moon security and made various tall claims which were later exposed. The media’s special help was sought and sports journalists were requested to park their vehicles at quite a distance and it was made clear that no one even minister or chief guest would be allowed to park their vehicle near the maingate or its premises and drop facilities will be used for the guests.

It was also made clear that the PSB had arranged food stalls inside its premises and different vendors including PSB canteen had been assigned to provide top class three-time meal to around 900 participants. The first day of the event was quite well and discipline was maintained, but as soon as the second day started, complete mess was witnessed. The food, which was provided to the players, was of highly substandard quality.

This scribe paid at least 10 visits to convener of the gala Shahid Islam, who was not available in all attempts, despite the security threat to the lives of the students. A large number of students were roaming around Abpara Market in search of quality food but there was no one who could check, who is coming and going in the PSB. God forbids, in case any untoward incident occurs due to security lapse, who will be held responsible?

What kind of education is being imparted to the players? The lack of sportsman spirit among the players was major reason behind the scuffle. The PSB security also badly failed in doing their duty with greater responsibility. If they couldn’t interfere and stop players clashing with each other, then what was the purpose of hiring them and paying hefty amounts to them?

The PSB top brass has been enjoying joyride and spending national wealth with both hands in India. The IPC Minister and secretary didn’t bother to check how the PSB is being run behind them and they also didn’t bother to attend opening ceremony of Inter-Board sports competitions.

When will the IPC minister wake up from deep slump, why he is reluctant to take action against incompetent PSB DG, who has no other business but to travel to different countries on government expenditure. A number of complaints were launched against PSB DG Akhtar Ganjera and his self-styled policies. The entire PSB staff is suffering due to Ganjera, who had stopped promotions of genuine persons and running the PSB as his personal state but the IPC minister is unmoved. Time is ripe when the PM should intervene and provide justice to long-suffering PSB employees.

A stern action against Islamabad/Abbottabbad boards’ players must be taken so no one could dare to repeat such ugly thing in future. In table tennis semifinals, Peshawar beat BISE Faisalabad 3-0, in the second semifinal, BISE Karachi outplayed BISE Sahiwal. In the final, Peshawar tamed Karachi 3-1, while Faisalabad thumped Sahiwal 3-1 to secure third place.

In badminton semifinals: BISE, Lahore beat BISE Rawalpindi 2-0. In the second semifinal, BISE Peshawar beat FBISE Islamabad 2-0, while Rawalpindi secured third place after defeating Islamabad 2-0. The final between Lahore and Peshawar will be played today (Thursday).

In hockey semifinals, Swat beat Multan 2-1 in the first semifinal while in the second semifinal, Islamabad beat Abbottabad 4-3. The third place match and final will be played today (Thursday) here at Naseer Bunda Stadium.

In athletics event, Peshawar got first position with two gold and one silver and three bronze medals. Faisalabad secured second with three silver and three bronze medals while Gujranwala got third with one gold.