Betting in Kamalia and its suburbs has reached its peak especially since the start of Pakistan Super League (PSL).

The cricket matches are a source of delight for the public particularly gamblers. Due to the scrupulous gambling, common betters lose a lot while the mafia gamblers accumulate huge money, and crime rate has also increased.

People have raised voice against the increase in crime rate especially gambling but the local administration is silent and has turned a blind eye to the issue. They said that since the PSL cricket matches have started, gamblers have accelerated their business. Gambling has reached its all-time high. Gambling mafia is getting richer while common gamblers are getting their pockets emptied, they said and added that it had also increased minor crimes throughout the district.

The citizens appealed to government high-ups to overcome the practice by taking immediate notice of it. The Kamalia City Police Station SHO has said that citizens should point out illegal activities and the police shall take immediate action on written complaints.

PTI FLAYED: MPA Nazia Raheel has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is being run on the national enemy’s agenda. Politician landlords, thieves, bandits and black sheep who rob people of their money have all gathered in PTI, she said.

“Corrupt politicians should look at themselves before they criticise others,” she said while talking to journalists. She said that the country was on path to development. Pakistan is becoming Asia’s tiger state in reality. PTI is putting obstacles in the way of the country’s development. Imran Khan keeps on making political mistakes in confusion. He is very immature. PML-N Government will meet all public aspirations. We have spared no effort in development of our area since we came to power,” she said.