LAHORE - Three Shaheen Air flights, operating on different routes from Alama Iqbal Interantional Airport (AIIAP), were cancelled on Wednesday due to ‘technical problems’.

A Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) flight inquiry official said that the flights including NL-777 and NL-146, which were coming from Abu Dhabi, were cancelled. Another flight NL-147, operating between Lahore-Karachi, was also cancelled.

After two major accidents within last two years, the fleet size of Shaheen Air International has largely shrunk. First incident took place on Dec 31, 2014 when a flight coming from Karachi crash landed at Lahore airport, damaging its landing gear.

Second flight met with accident during the first week of last November when a Shaheen plane skidded off the runway during landing, leaving 10 passengers injured.

After that, the CAA stopped Shaeen management to carry out its flight operations on Boeing in its fleet which were 10 in number, the CAA official told The Nation.

“These planes are outdated,” added the officer, seeking anonymity.

In recent past, several flights of Shaheen Air were cancelled or delayed due to shortage of its aircrafts.