islamabad - AIlama Iqbal Medical Collage pulmonologist, Dr Khalid Wahid recommended yesterday that use of relevant medicines, dust mask and staying indoors can help avoid severe pollen allergy.

Talking to a state-run channel, he said the pollen allergy patients should take best possible precautionary measures from February to March every year. He said pollen allergy basically relates with tiny particles of different mulberry trees and fragrant plants present in the air which enter human body and due to hypersensitivity of the person, it affects and turns into allergy.

While discussing symptoms which cause pollen allergy to a patient, he said improper breathing, flu, headache, sneezing, stuffed nose, sinusitis, coughing and asthma lead to severe allergy so he should avoid mulberry and pollen tress, stuffy foods, insects and animals like dog, cat, and also avoid using carpets , he advises.

He warned the people to avoid going out in the morning and afternoon mostly due to the presence of the pollen allergy particles.

He said the allergy patient should avoid wearing outdoor work clothes in the house as they may have pollen on them and should clean and replace air conditioner filters often and should use gloves and mask as essentials for the allergy patients during allergy season added that if one take a vacation, choose places and times of the year when pollen and mold counts would not be high.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) spokesman Ramzan Sajid said that they have started different projects in Islamabad to cut down allergy related trees from the roots and have planted new healthy plants in allergy affected areas.