Chattha’s claims add fuel to PTI’s protests

Spokesperson says Rawalpindi top official’s admission endorsed PTI’s stance n PTI holds protest rallies against alleged rigging in several cities

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE  -  The resignation of Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chat­tha over alleged election results rigging gave some impetus to the protests called by Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaf (PTI) against alleged manipulation in the February 8 national elections.

A day easier, PTI had given had given the call of countrywide pro­tests on Saturday against alleged rigging in the polls. PTI protesters gathered in Islamabad’s F-9 Park and held a protest march towards the National Press Club.

Meanwhile, PTI demanded res­ignations of Chief Election Com­missioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja and Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa in the aftermath of the “bombshell revelations” by Rawalpindi Commissioner.

Commissioner Chattha in a presser had accused CEC and Chief Justice behind rigging in the election results converting the victory of PTI-backed inde­pendents into defeat “forcibly and fraudulently.” Reacting to the Commissioner Rawalpindi’s con­fessional statement before the media regarding his role in the elections robbery, a PTI spokes­person said that the CEC had no legal and moral justification to remain in office anymore. “Hence, chief election commissioner should quit his office instantly and return the stolen seats to PTI immediately,” he added.

The spokesperson stated that Chattha’s admission of massive rigging in the elections was an endorsement of PTI’s stance as to how the public mandate was stolen in the dark of the night, besides exposing the real characters involved in the heinous crime of rigging in the elections.

He recalled that the Commis­sioner confessed that the victory of independent candidates, each leading with over 70,000 votes was converted into a defeat by putting fake stamps.

He made it clear that Chat­tha testified the stance of PTI of “mega polls theft”, as the peo­ple voted to party-affiliated in­dependent candidates in a large number. But the overwhelming PTI’s majority was turned into a minority overnight through poll fraud, he added. PTI spokesper­son demanded that in the light of Commissioner’s statement, the electoral watchdog should instantly return PTI’s 86 sto­len seats, which won the par­ty-backed independent candi­dates with clear margin as per Forum 45s.

He stressed the need that all the officers involved in the al­leged plan of openly insulting the public mandate, including the CEC and the Chief Justice, should immediately resign.

He demanded that following resurfacing undisputed and un­deniable evidence of large-scale rigging in the elections, all those involved in stealing public man­date should be punished as per constitution and the law.

He underlined that the ongo­ing efforts to plunge the coun­try into political and economic instability by imposing the peo­ple rejected clique under pow­er/sharing formula against the public’s aspirations should be abandoned forthwith.

Meanwhile, protests erupted across Pakistan as supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party take to the streets, alleging widespread electoral fraud in the recently concluded general elections of 2024.

In the city of Bannu, PTI activ­ists staged a sit-in on Miran Shah Road, causing traffic disruptions and inconvenience to commut­ers. They voiced their concerns over irregularities in the elector­al process, demanding transpar­ency and accountability.

Meanwhile, in Muzaffargarh, PTI’s protests intensified as par­ty workers gathered at Khelari Chowk to denounce what they claim to be blatant electoral mal­practice. Chants against elec­tion rigging echoed through the streets as PTI members vowed to challenge the alleged irregu­larities.

The protests extended to Mul­tan, where PTI leaders called for demonstrations against the election results. Police detained Khalid Javaid Warrich, a lo­cal PTI official, during a visit to a school, sparking further ten­sions between the authorities and PTI supporters.

Adding to the outcry, PTI activ­ists also staged a protest outside the High Court Chowk in Cho­bara, alleging gross misconduct during the electoral process and demanding a thorough investi­gation into the alleged rigging.

In Batagram, numerous PTI supporters gathered to protest against what they claim to be electoral fraud. Demonstrators waved party flags and chanted slogans demanding justice and transparency in the electoral process.

Meanwhile, in Dir, PTI workers staged a protest at Dir Chowk, rejecting the election results and accusing authorities of manipu­lating the outcome to thwart PTI’s success. Similar protests were reported in Sajawal, South Waziristan, and Johi, where PTI supporters expressed frustra­tion over the alleged manipula­tion of election results.

The protesters have called for the intervention of the Election Commission and the Chief Jus­tice of Pakistan to investigate the alleged irregularities and ensure fair elections. They have also criticised rival political par­ties, particularly the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Pakistan Peoples Par­ty (PPP), accusing them of com­plicity in the electoral fraud.

In Khanewal, protesters gath­ered outside the Justice House, expressing outrage at what they termed as blatant electoral mal­practice. Similar scenes unfold­ed in Gujranwala, where PTI activists staged a sit-in on Hafiz­abad Road, accusing rivals of electoral manipulation.

The outcry spread to Jaran­wala, where PTI workers pro­tested against alleged rigging during the elections. Party lead­ers, including Malik Zafr Iqbal Khokhar and Zulfiqar Bhutto, joined demonstrators in con­demning what they called theft of their mandate.

In Malakand, PTI supporters demanded the reinstatement of allegedly snatched seats, echo­ing the sentiment of protesters in other cities.

Meanwhile, in Peshawar, a massive gathering took place at Gullistan-e-Hazara Park, with PTI leaders addressing the crowd, including the party’s nominee for Chief Minister, Ali Amin Gandapur.

Under the leadership of Sher Afzal Marwat, PTI held a ral­ly outside the National Press Club, with participants arriving in cars and motorcycles. Promi­nent figures such as Aamir Mu­ghal, Shaheen Shoaib, Seemabia Tahir, and Shahriar Riaz voiced their discontent over the alleged electoral fraud.

The protests extended to Ab­bottabad, where PTI demon­strators raised slogans against the Election Commission, call­ing for immediate resignations over what they described as sto­len mandates. In a unified voice, protesters demanded account­ability and fair representation in the electoral process.

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