Human trafficking

An important and crucial issue facing our country right now, which is often not discussed, is that of child labour, or in other words, violence carried out against young and innocent children who are stolen and kidnapped from their poor families. They are promised food, shelter, and education but are instead forced to work in fac­tories and other places, often in inhumane conditions.

These perpetrators deceive the parents of these children, claiming they will take care of them, but in­stead, they are sold into different forms of trafficking.

This is a significant social issue that urgently needs attention be­cause the number of children af­fected by this is rising as we speak. In Western countries, this is con­sidered a crime and is intolerable. However, in Pakistan, those who en­gage in this activity often go unpun­ished, and justice is rarely served.

While laws have been made on paper to address this issue, they are not effectively implement­ed or put into practice, creating a sad and alarming situation. Some children are sold into prostitution or as child brides to China. In oth­er cases, children are stolen from their families and sold into hu­man trafficking, never to be seen again by their parents. The worst part is that some children are sto­len and sold as camel jockeys to Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates.

Human rights organizations have been fighting to put an end to this for years, but unfortunately, the problem persists, and the numbers continue to increase. It is impera­tive to take action on this issue by raising awareness and establish­ing hotlines for people to report the abuse they are witnessing. This will help ensure that those respon­sible are brought to justice.

I have read somewhere that there is a hotline established by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and I believe this is a pos­itive development. We should strive to bring an end to this mad­ness in our country so that young and innocent children can be freed from such exploitation.

This crime against humanity needs to stop as soon as possible and is not acceptable in any dem­ocratic country or society.



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