The real drama behind Khurram Shehzad Victor case unfolded

Media at the moment in Pakistan is in a haste to break news without digging the actual facts behind it

On January 16, 2018, a grave sad incident was reported by a private news channel’s talk show, in which a man from Sialkot ‘Khurram Shehzad Victor’ was shown camping outside the Lahore Press Club demanding justice for the alleged rape of his three daughters, one among which was allegedly kidnapped.

Victor accused Police for not cooperating, and forcing him to strike a deal with the rapists. This was another miserable episode following the dreadful incidents of Zainab and Asma in Kasur and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

However, hold on! There are some depressing and shocking facts associated with this incident, which clearly reflects the state of disarray and moral calamity our society currently is in.

Actually, the instance of rape never happened, and the medical examination report gave a pure evidence of it. It is supposedly a land dispute between Khurram Shehzad Victor and his relatives, for which he has used his own daughters to such a shameful accusation of rape and kidnapping, just to pressurize his relatives.

In an exclusive talk with the same channel, District Police Officer (DPO) Sialkot Asad Sarfraz put the facts straight in the background of Khurram Shehzad Victor's claims regarding the alleged abduction and rape of his daughters. The DPO explained that a thorough investigation into the case was carried out, and it transpired after medical examination that none of the girls were raped. The case of this incident was registered on April 19, 2017, and five suspects were brought in for questioning. Victor basically has a property dispute with his first cousins, belonging to the Christian community, against whom he levelled accusations. The cousin says that the inquiry was comprehensive, transparent and merit-based. He bemoans that it has become a culture on social media that unverified information is shared, which is unfortunate. He offers complete assistance of the police to Khurram Shehzad Victor in case he has any further point.

This is a height of ethical disaster about which any normal human being can never think off. There is a simple question which will hook every sensible human’s mind that what is wrong with our society. Have we become so much insane in going to an extent, where we can essentially achieve our evil motives? Have we really become crazy beasts that we are unable to distinguish between our blood relations?

Media that is known to be the watchdog of a society, has certainly forgotten their core functioning purpose which is to act as a bridge between the people and society’s institutions. Media at the moment in Pakistan is in a haste to break news without digging the actual facts behind it. They are very quick in bashing our own institutions on every minute happenings. This is a case where the police should be greatly appreciated for vigilantly performing their duties, but this is our media that is very reluctant in giving appreciation where actually it really matters.

Then, one should seriously ask the so-called social media brigade that why they are in a hurry in getting judgmental on issues like this, without realising what repercussions it would have on the rest. Surely, they would not bother to highlight the perfect response of the Sialkot Police in solving f this issue as it does not basically serve their cause. The worse part of this whole situation is to hear that Khurram Shehzad Victor is treated poorly because he belongs to Christian community, and will not get same treatment as of Zainab case. This is indeed a very difficult time for every Pakistani, and instead of blame gaming, we should utilise our collective efforts in fighting against those wicked criminals that are currently after our children.

The writer has completed MPhil in Mass Communication from Beaconhouse National University, and passionately loves travelling and cricket.

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