LAHORE - The estranged senior PML-N leader, Javed Hashmi sees no possibility of any in-house change taking place in the near future, but he does perceive fresh elections some time in the next year. Its time for elections, which are likely in 2012, and not for any in-house change, the veteran politician form south Punjab predicted while talking to reporters here on Sunday after his address at TECH Club on the topic of How Pakistan can get rid of American intervention?. Hashmi said that political alliances would be forged in the days ahead as different parties prepare themselves for the coming elections. He said his party would also contest the elections in league with its allies. The PML-N, he added, would respect the mandate of all parties including the PML-Q in the next elections. Hashmi urged politicians to give up 'destructive politics and adopt positive approach of making alliances (for elections). Our politicians think too little about countrys welfare, he lamented, adding that problems were also there in planning and implementation of policies at the government level. He said Pakistan lost many opportunities to make progress due to infighting of politicians. He informed the media men that countrys 15 most affluent had their assets abroad, and hence have no stakes here in this country. If the leadership does not rise to the occasion, no body would be able to stop revolution, the veteran leader warned. He also predicted a miserable future for countrys ruling elite, if it does not mend its ways. We would have been living in a different Pakistan had we have a visionary and enlightened leadership, he said. Pointing out flaws in the political parties, Hashmi said there was no place for learned persons in them. In our political culture, an educated person will seldom get party ticket for elections, he remarked; adding that the way political parties were being run in Pakistan, it would bring harm to the political culture. Javed Hashmi also took the opportunity to criticise his partys leadership vis--vis that of the PPP. President Zardari sets limited political goals and that is why he achieves them. We (PML-N), on the other hand, have extensive long-term objectives, and their materialisation takes more time, he observed while making a comparison of the politics of the PPP and the PML-N. But at the same time, he also said that PML-N was the only guarantee for better future of Pakistan. Earlier, addressing the seminar, he said that America was fighting 'War of Economy, but it was destined to become worlds most failed state in future. He opined that the US was fighting a 'war of weapons in Afghanistan. He said Pakistan could be freed of American influence in a short time, but it requires a quality leadership. Hashmi said that enemies of Islam were pitting Muslim states against one another to weaken them. Earlier, TECH Club President Zubair Sheikh in his welcome note said that the nation needed such political leaders who could stand with them in times of trouble.