ISLAMABAD A local peace committee volunteers Sunday foiled an attempt by Afghan terrorists to enter North Waziristan while nine missiles were fired from Afghan side into Bajaur Agency, giving credence to suspicions that the militants mounting unending cross-border assaults enjoy some sort of state backing. Sources said a group of militants from Afghanistan tried to intrude into the Loni Faqiraan area in North Waziristan Agency (NWA). On seeing them, Razakars of the peace committee encountered them. Both sides exchanged fire for hours before the trespassers were successfully pushed back into the Afghanistan territory. On the other hand, nine missiles were fired on Sunday from across the border which landed in the border area of Bajaur Agencys Mamond tehsil. The locals said the missiles hit Laghrai, Katkot, Gabrai and Damadola areas. However, no causality was reported in the incident. It was the fourth incident of missiles attack on Bajaur Agency from Afghanistan. The frustrated attempt at border infringement and shelling in Pakistani border villages by miscreants from Afghanistan gives rise to fears that either Afghan government or foreign powers were funding the non-state actors to destabilising Pakistan. According to sources, these attacks were being carried out by the breakaway elements of banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) who fled the army operation and found refuge in Kunur and Nooristan provinces of Afghanistan. They have established their bases there and were now mounting attacks on the Pakistani areas from these safe heavens in Afghanistans border provinces. Earlier, these elements had launched a series of attacks on security forces of Pakistan in Baujur as well as upper Dir, which prompted Islamabad to raise the issue with Afghan government as well as International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in Afghanistan. On Pakistans demand, a flag meeting of the military border group was held in Peshawar followed by tripartite meeting of military commanders of Pakistan, USA and Afghanistan. In the meeting, Pakistan demanded immediate steps including establishment of hotline between Pakistan Army and Afghanistan National Army (ANA) as well as holding of flag meetings between local commanders of the military on a regular basis. However, well-placed sources told The Nation that these proposed mechanisms are yet to be put in place and there are hopes the ANA would inform Pakistan of the steps being taken in this regard in the next meeting of the tripartite military commission, likely to be held in late August or early September. But the increasing frequency of cross-border attacks has certainly cast doubts over the seriousness of Isaf and the ANA about stopping such attacks. Interestingly, Isaf-led Nato forces have no presence in Kunur province bordering Pakistan. Since the US endgame with the process of handing control from foreign to Afghan security forces has begun in Afghanistan, US and its western allies are more interested in political resolution of the conflict, sources said. They were of the view that Isaf as well as the ANA will have to come up with clear plans to satisfy Pakistans concerns over ever increasing militant attacks from Afghanistan. They also questioned the source of funding of these militants, saying that understandably these militants were being financed by one or more states. Agencies add: The Political Administration of North Waziristan Agency imposed an indefinite curfew on Sunday in Razmak, Dosli, Mir Ali and Miranshah to carry out a clean up operation and prevent loss of civilian lives. Sources in the administration said that traffic would remain suspended on Bannu-Miranshah Road during the curfew hours. It has requested the people to cooperate and abide by the curfew restrictions. However, local people said that they were facing many problems due to the curfew as they have been restricted to their homes. They appealed the political administration to lift the curfew as soon as possible. TheNation Monitoring adds: There is no warrior of either TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud or Afghan Taliban commander Jalaludin Haqani present in the North Wazirsitan Agency (NWA), the tribal elders have told Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) governor. This was told by NWA tribal leader Maulana Gull Ramzan to BBC after his meeting with KP Governor Masood Kausar at a peace jirga. Gull said that the jirga told the governor that the people of the NWA will not extend any kind of assistance to any Pakistani or Afghan militant group that is responsible for terrorist actives in Pakistan. A 16-member deputation of leaders belonging to Wazir and Dawarr tribes of NWA met the governor. Gull Ramzan said that the jirga told the governor that Haqani groups fighters were present in the Agency at the time of war against USSR, but now no man belonging to that group was present in the area. The governor was also told that Mullah Omer was also in Afghanistan, he added. He further said that Hakimullah Mehsud and Fazlullah have found safe havens in Kunar province of Afghanistan. He said that the tribal leaders told the governor that the local warriors in the NWA were loyal to Pakistan, and they have neither taken any action against the state in the past nor they will do such a thing in future. He said they conveyed to the KP governor that the Shura of Hafiz Gull Bahadar has decided that they would give the government assurance of the security if it wanted to launch uplift projects in the area. The Shura has also decided that they will not help any foreign or local anti-state elements.