A SCHOOLBOY has been snapped crossing Lake Buttermere - on a bike. But 16-year-old Matt Whitehurst refuses to reveal how he made it across the 75ft-deep lake. He carried out the miraculous stunt in the heart of the Lake District to raise money for victims of the 2009 floods in the area. Matt, from Papcastle, Cumbria, is adamant that the feat was not faked, though he won't let on the secret of his achievement. 'I can't and won't say how I did it, but plenty of people saw me and they'll confirm it wasn't a camera trick,' he said. 'The photos are real.' The apparent miracle was carried out to publicise a forthcoming charity cycle ride through towns affected by the devastating Cumbria floods, which ripped through the district two years ago. The ride will go across several bridges destroyed in the disaster and since rebuilt - though presumably Matt won't need them if he exercises his new talent. The entry fee for the event, which takes place on September 18, will go to the Cumbria Community Foundation, a charity active in the local area. Mail