LARKANA (Agencies) - At least 70 protesting prisoners of Larkana jail surrendered after heavy contingents of police and Rangers were called in to bring the riots under control on Sunday. One security personnel was killed and four others injured in the operation. Dozens of inmates took five policemen hostage in a protest against plans to transfer them to other jails. According to SP Central Jail Larkana Abdul Ghaffar Dehr, the riots started on late Saturday when the jail authorities tried to shift 200 prisoners to other jails of Sindh on the high courts orders owing to less space in Central Jail for accommodating the inmates. Some prisoners refused to leave and clashed with police and jail staff. They smashed locks of three barracks and shattered a jail door. They also took five policemen hostage who were rescued later. As the situation spun out of control, heavy contingents of police and Rangers from other parts of the district were called in who succeeded in stemming the violent riots. Seventy prisoners surrendered themselves to the police. One security personnel was killed and three others including a deputy superintendent police were injured when prisoners pelted them with stones during the rioting. The protesting prisoners were of the view that their shifting to other jails was unjustified as most of the prisons lack basic facilities such as water, sanitation and proper accommodation.