OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Young Doctors Association and the Pakistan Medical Association have demanded enhanced security for the nine teaching hospitals in the City. A YDA officebearer said that at present only two or three constables were deployed at each of these major hospitals, including the Mayo, Jinnah and Services. This security strength is not enough for such big hospitals. The attendants often become rash and, in some cases, have tortured the doctors. Sometimes, the attendants try to rush to the CCUs or ICUs and the security guards cannot stop them as they are not trained for that purpose, he said. The YDA officebearers said that they had met the IGP in this regard, who referred the matter to the CCPO. The CCPO has said that there was total of 24,000 cops under him command and out of them 16,000 were on the security of the VIPs, the revealed. A doctor quoted the police officer as saying that even retired judges of the LHC were engaging 35 to 40 policemen per head for their security. He said: Now, some TV anchors are also having police escorts. He said that the SP Security has said that three reserves were required to secure nine hospitals of the city. (One police reserve consists of 12 cops). Mwanwhile, the Services Hospital has established six counters in different blocks to facilitate and guide senior citizens. Medical Superintendent Services Hospital Dr Muhammad Javed said the counters have been established in emergency and gynaecology wards, administration and surgical blocks and the OPD. The MS has directed the staff of these counters to guide senior citizens in finding different departments and doctors and get medical facilities, give due protocol to the senior citizens and that any negligence in this regard would not be tolerated.