NOW that is what you would call a tight squeeze. This agile group crossed a few fingers - and arms, legs and spines - to concertina their bodies so they fitted into a narrow archway Half a dozen of the performers managed to squeeze themselves into a doorway in the bizarre stunt, with some forced to turn upside down in order to fit. The extraordinary spectacle was captured on camera by Kostas Maros in Basel, Switzerland, during an Art Basel, which hosts more than 2,500 artists in its annual exhibition. But art lovers might have found it difficult to concentrate on paintings, when the dancers were running around the city and pulling unusual shapes. The group are all dancers who were travelling around the city, wowing members of the public with their unusual stunts in doorways, against walls and on sets of stairs. And to pull off these stunts, they need both flexibility and stamina, as they had to hold their poses for around ten minutes at a time and could not move a muscle. Mr Kostas, who lives in Basel, said: 'They stayed in this position for around ten minutes, which must have been extremely hard because they couldn't move. The unfortunate ones who were at the bottom also had the weight of all the others on them. Nobody was injured because they are all dancers and very sporty.' The 30-year-old insurance lawyer added: 'It was very interesting to see how people in the streets reacted to the whole thing. Some did not even see that there were people crammed in a door frame, or up against a wall or on some stairs. Some people were very interested in what was going on, they stayed to watch the performance.' Art Basel features nearly 300 leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Artists ranging from Modern art to the latest emerging stars, are represented in the shows multiple sections. DM