ISLAMABAD (APP) - Interior Minister Rehman Malik, hinting at involvement of foreign hands behind unrest in Karachi, on Sunday said Israeli-made weapons were being used by miscreants in the mega city. Over 200 persons have been arrested and Israeli-made weapons including AK-45, have been recovered from them. It proves that foreign hands are behind the unrest in Karachi, he told mediamen here at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Airport. The minister said that investigation was being conducted to know who were supporting these people and supplying them weapons. He said media would be given access to question these people why they were killing innocent people. Referring to the assassination of President of Peoples Unity of PIA Amir Shah in Karachi, he said inquiry was under way and there were certain clues in this regard and added the killers and perpetrators would soon be brought to justice. To a question, he said there were target killings in Karachi but every murder was not an incident of target killing. Investigations in most of the cases have pointed out that 66 per cent people were killed in Karachi due to personal enmity, he added. He said media should be cautious and careful while reporting any incident of killing. To a question about arrest of PML-N MNA Anjum Aqeel, Malik said the Chief Justice of Pakistan had taken suo moto notice on a news published in a section of the Press that the MNA was allegedly involved in a Rs 6 billion land scam in which he had support of nine former IGs and incharge of National Police Foundation. The minister said the government or he had nothing to do with the arrest of Anjum Aqeel. He said Anjum Aqeel was wanted by police in a fraud case. It is a crime to escape from police custody at a time when there is an FIR against you, he added. Malik said there were cases against the PPP leadership in the past. They faced hardships and were detained in jails for nothing but for employing poor people, he said and added that they never tried to violate the law. He said President Asif Ali Zardari faced detention and was tortured in jail but he never tried to flee the country. Rather, he fought for legal rights in the courts, he added. To a question, he said the supporters of Anjum Aqeel illegally used weapons. The police have arrested them and registered cases against them, he added. Responding to another question, Interior Minister said PPP wanted friendship with MQM. There is no issue from our side. Our doors are open for them, he added. Malik said that Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain is negotiating with MQM. President Zardari has also made a phone call to Altaf Bhai and people would soon hear a good news, he added. PPP-MQM coalition is very necessary for the interest of the country, he said. To another question, he said investigation into killing of Saudi diplomat in Karachi is being conducted and some clues have been found that would help in the arrest of the culprits. Regarding terrorist threats to the Foreign Secretary, he said the security of the Foreign Office has been beefed up, and added threats are there because we are fighting a war.