OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Jamaat-e-Islami has proposed 15-point code of ethics for the holy month of Ramazan, including availability of essential items on cheap rates, creating an atmosphere conducive to the spirit of the holy month and ensuring celebration of a single Eidul Fitr all over the country to earn maximum divine blessings. In a statement issued here on Sunday, JI Secretary General Liaquat Baloch stressed upon the government to take solid measures so that the people could get items of daily use on reasonable rates in a respectable manner and did not have to rush from one end to the other. Strict compliance of the restrictions under the sanctity of the holy month of Ramazan must be ensured. It was tragic, he said, that prices of 16 essential items had already gone up during the last week, and if the situation remained the same, the masses would only be cursing the rulers for their incompetence and inefficiency. Baloch said that the details of the relief provided by the government for the month of Ramazan should be issued to the print and the electronic media. The supply of gas and electricity at the Sahr and Iftar times should be ensured and the recent raise in the electricity and gas prices be withdrawn. Obscene posters, hoardings, banners on road sides and outside cinema houses be removed. The duration of recitation of the Holy Quran from radio and television be increased and all vulgar, immoral, un-Islamic programs on these be stopped. Music in public transports be banned and printing of nude, semi nude photo graphs in the print media be prohibited.