Nothing could be more frustrating than to know that successive governments over the years have failed to launch any project to improve the water reservoir situation in the country. One report suggests that during the past 35 years 1.1 billion acre feet of water had been wasted which could have been enough to fill a dam of Kalabagh size six times. It is pity that this nation can develop consensus on 18th Amendment that contained most controversial clauses but remains divided over a project of national importance i.e., Kalabagh Dam that was declared feasible in every respect by international institutions as well as experts. India, we must recall to our dismay, never neglects this vital sector and continues building one dam after another on rivers assigned to us under the Indus Waters Treaty. Reports emanating from New Delhi suggest that work is in progress on building at least a dozen more dams and paper work is in final stages to build at least 60 new dams on all rivers originating from Occupied-Indian Kashmir and flowing into Pakistan. Be it Baglihar Dam or Kishanganda Dam, nothing could stop India from going ahead because Pakistan fights its cases half-heartedly. Indias violation of the provisions of treaty had not been contested strongly, encouraging it to build on Chenab River alone, Sawalkot, Pakal-Dul and Kirthai hydel power projects. On River Indus New Delhi is constructing several similar projects including 45MW Nimoo Bazgo at village Alchi, 70Km from Leh, 130MW Dumkhar project located 128km on Leh-Khalsi Batalik road and Chutak on River Suru a major tributary of the Indus in Kargil district. The Indian moves are nothing but water terrorism and if no serious effort is made to stop it from making Pakistan a barren land, our generation would have to pay a heavy price. It is now that we should knock at every international platform to seek justice. Developing immediate consensus on KBD is the need of the hour. It is essential as well as inevitable for our economy.