OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Lahore Stock Exchange launched its new website with an ambition of providing a single platform for all capital market related information. The WWW.LSE.COM.PK website seeks to cater the requirement of all the stakeholders i.e. investors, companies, members and regulators when it comes to getting reliable, first-hand & accurate information. The website was launched by Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan, Chairman of the Lahore Stock Exchange in presence of the members of the Board and the management of LSE. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Aftab Khan congratulated & appreciated the efforts of the Exchange in coming up with an idea based on capital market knowledge dissemination. In particular, he mentioned investors protection features incorporated in the new website such as online complaint lodging and online trade confirmations saying that these features will indeed go a long way in establishing rights of the investors which over the few years have become a major concern for the investing public. An elated Managing Director of the Exchange, Mr. Aftab Ch., who envisaged this project at the occasion of launching said: LSE has been specifically focusing on converting itself into a service organization proactively engaged in safeguarding & promoting the interest of its stakeholders. While the new website will be a platform beneficial to all the stakeholders, undoubtedly the investing public will be the prime beneficiary of it. The investors who are the foremost stakeholders of our system have largely been neglected in the past and this over the years has shattered their confidence in the capital market. We intend to provide a transparent environment in which the investors feel protected about their rights in order to restore their confidence. We hope the features & information made available and future additions on this new website will help greatly in our pursuit of this goal.