KARACHI - The All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference (Sindh Circle) on Sunday announced its support for the candidates of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly by-elections (LA-30 & LA-36) scheduled to be held on July 20. At a press conference here at Karachi Press Conference, Muslim Conferences leader Abdul Rasheed announced that his party had withdrawn its candidate in favour of the MQMs aspirants of LA-30 and LA-36 of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly on the directives of AJK Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan. Muslim Conference leader Abdul Majeed Abbasi, and Rasheed Khokar and Saleem Butt of MQM were present on the occasion. He alleged that AJK elections were rigged, adding that his party rejected elections and declared the election in AJK as the worst elections in the history. He applauded the bold stance of MQM on Kashmir election, saying that despite the pressure of PPPs government on MQM to leave a seat of AJK Assembly from Karachi, the MQM did not accepted the PPPs demand. The Kashmiri leader also condemned the PPPs senior leaders controversial remarks against MQMs chief Altaf Hussain and Urdu speaking community. He was of the view that the Chief Election Commissioner remained partial during the election process and supported Pakistan Peoples Partys candidates, he added. Abdul Rasheed said that all the office-bearers and workers of Muslim Conference in Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab would cast their vote on 20th July in favour of MQM candidate Tahir Khokar and Saleem Butt. Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Coordination Committee has welcomed the decision of Muslim Conference to withdraw its candidates from contesting elections to LA-30 and LA-36 of the legislative assembly of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in favour of the MQM.