PARACHINAR (INP) - Militants set on fire five trucks and a pick-up vehicle on Tal-Parachinar Road in Lower Kurram Agency and kidnapped 10 persons including drivers of the vehicles on Sunday. According to details, the political administration officials had arrested 35 suspects during investigation of killing of 10 persons in Lower Kurram Agency on Saturday. In retaliation, the militants started setting on fire vehicles on Tal-Parachinar main road on Sunday but no one reached for the assistance of the affected people. After burning of the vehicles, the militants kidnapped the drivers and some other people at gun-point. Two persons were also injured in the firing by the militants. So far 300 people have lost their lives in attacks by the militants in Lower Kurram Agency. Though action against militants is going on in Central Kurram Agency but no steps have been taken to secure Kurram-Peshawar main road. Tal-Parachinar Road remained closed for traffic and hundreds of tribal people could move in and out of the area. On the other hand, militants blew up a government girls primary school with explosives material in Lower Kurram on Sunday. The blast completely destroyed the school building.