ISLAMABAD - In compliance with the Supreme Court orders for early appointment of Chairman National Accountability Bureau, the Federal Law Ministry has taken a fresh initiative to have a consensus while a non-controversial personality must be installed as the head of the accountability apparatus. The slot of the Chairman NAB is lying vacant since the ouster of Justice (r) Deedar Hussain Shah on the directives of the apex court as the court had observed that the meaningful consultation with Leader of Opposition was not made. Sources in the PPP informed The Nation that now a fresh list of three candidates is being prepared by the Federal Law Ministry in the light of the discussions and deliberations on the subject in the party meetings and the same would be dispatched to the Leader of the Opposition for consultation as soon as he returned back from his visit abroad. Sources further disclosed that at the time of earlier consultation with the Leader of Opposition on the subject, Federal Minister Khurshid Shah and Senator Raza Rabbani had discussed various names with him and on a couple of names Leader of Opposition Nisar Ali Khan had expressed his willingness. But when the list of the probable candidates was sent to him for approval none of the names discussed in the meeting was included in the list and Leader of Opposition Nisar Ali Khan had left with no choice but to reject these names. Later, the govt had on its own made Justice (Retd) Deedar Hussain Shah as Chairman NAB. The appointment was challenged in the apex court by Leader of the Opposition and finally, it was declared void ab initio. Sources further informed that the court in its order made it explicit and mandatory on the Prime Minister to have meaningful consultation with Leader of Opposition and if in case there is a deadlock like situation between the two than Chief Justice would intervene and help settle the matter by putting his weight in support of either of them. Sources further said that now in the presence of third party in the affair the government was under tremendous pressure and was carefully selecting the potential candidates and it would be most likely that before dispatching the formal list of candidates to Leader of Opposition some govt representative would have an informal chat with him.