Mutual recriminations

The reaction of the MQM activists on the provoking speech by Dr. Zulfikar Mirza was absolutely uncalled for and without any reason or rhyme. Better sense should have prevailed and the argument should have been responded with an argument. What a frightening response it was that MQM men killed 18 innocent people and burnt as many as 40 vehicles in the city of Quaid No doubt, Mirza's speech was fraught with rancour against the Urdu speaking community but there was no justification to paralyse the city. Both Mr. Mirza as well as the MQM workers is equally responsible for the mayhem that claimed 18 precious lives. The hands of both are steeped with the blood of the innocent ones. Both must know that the City of Karachi belongs to all the Pakistanis as the Sun or Moon belongs to them. Its our mini heaven. If there is commotion in Karachi, it means disturbance in whole of Pakistan. Most of our politicians use derogatory language and become furious even at the drop of a hat. To be angry is quite different from being with a mental aberration. Likewise, oratory is different from what the psychologists call 'pressure of speech'. I would earnestly entreat the Election Commission to allow only those candidates to contest polls who are mentally healthy and they should be examined by the psychiatrists who should give the candidates a certificate that they are mentally hundred percent fit. Only such aspirants for the assemblies should be permitted to go on hustings. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, July 16.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt