LAHORE (APP) - Coordinator to President for Punjab M Naveed Chaudhry said the people had rejected politics of threatening and cheating of the PML-N. Talking to this news agency here on Sunday, he alleged that PML-N leaders and workers were following politics of torture and violating law, adding that incident of Anjum Aqeel, PML-Ns MNA was an evidence of it in which PML-N workers had snatched him from hands of police. He suggested the PML-N to avoid such kind of politics as it would create violence in society and it would be harmful for stability of the country. He said every citizen should follow law and respect the difference of opinion as no body had right to impose his own will on others. Naveed alleged the PML-N had adopted a custom of imposing its own will by violating law which was highly condemnable. He said that such custom would increase anxiety in society which was only be seized by practicing following law, adding that no political party could succeed in winning hearts of the people through the law of might. He advised Mian Nawaz Sharif, PML-N chief, to look into an increasing such elements of law-violators in his party instead of forming grand alliances against democracy. Commenting on grand alliance of the PML-N, he said the nation had already rejected such alliances, adding the people had also rejected such kind of politics in Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections. Naveed urged the PML-N chief to follow the Charter of Democracy which was signed by him in which he had agreed not repeating any mistake which could derail democracy. But he (Nawaz) has learnt nothing from past and has again adopted politics of confrontation by taking U-turn in politics, he added.